Words from Michael Berg about The Ghost Unit...

In December 2014 a group of extremely special humans and gifted musical friends came along with me to Vermont to my favorite band's private studio. We tracked & recorded a snap shot in time of what is likely the last record; if not ever, for many years to come by Van Ghost. To stress over the right or wrong way (or time) to release this album would go against the very spirit in which it was created. With a collection of songs I had written (either with friends, or by myself), this group of brothers & sisters I call The Ghost Unit, gifted me a collective consciousness, years of skillful training, valuable perspective, laughter, love, emotion, and open minds.

The experience and connection to everyone who contributed in any & every way, will forever remain among the most meaningful of my life on planet earth. I know of no word stronger than gratitude for how it makes me feel, but whatever it is, that is what I'm beaming with for everyone who has supported this album or project along the way. The entire catalog of Van Ghost & The Ghost Unit happened due to the generous support of Timm Martin and Dustimmoff Records, so a very special thank you needs to go out to him.

Relix Magazine's September issue on Women in Rock will feature a story about this multi-gendered band's experience to reach this point of the story, and the creation of the album, that will finally a year and a half later, be available as a free download online (Friday 8/19/2016) in it's entirety.

Our hope is that you connect with some or all of the songs. Regardless of if The Ghost Unit is something for you or not, in this day and age the opportunity for a band to come together and make a record on their own terms, with their own songs, in that type of environment is nothing short of lucky. Arguably however... it's how creativity, as basic or complex as it gets, is truly meant to be.

The Ghost Unit Loves You, 
Michael Berg